Colon Hydrotherapy


Each colonic session at Exhale includes a belly massage during the treatment. The colon is a muscle and like any other muscle in the body it likes to massaged, loosened and encouraged to relax and let go. We always use a high grade massage oil as well adding a few drops of the doTERRA Digest Zen in each session. Digest Zen is an essential oil blend both TGA and FDA approved to support digestive function.


Colon Hydrotherapy Session
  • 75 min
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Colon Hydrotherapy Session
  • 60 min
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Colon Hydrotherapy Sessions
  • 60 min x 3
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45 Min Session

Personally Tailored Wellness Consultation
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    60 Min Session

    Personally Tailored Wellness Consultation
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      Cancellation Policy

      We require 24 hours notice of cancellation of services. It is our policy to charge for missed colon hydrotherapy appointments at the rate of $50. As a new client we require a credit card on file that will reserve your appointment time. A missed new client appointment will result in a $50 charge. Please help us by keeping your appointment.

      Late arrival for a scheduled appointment will be accommodated whenever possible: however, due to scheduling of other clients a full colonic session may not be available.

      Juice Detox Programs

      Together with Detox Delivered, we offer 3, 5 & 7 day Premium Detox Packages, individually tailored to YOUR health goals. Each day we deliver six personalised cold pressed  juices directly to your door. We aim to bring you the Health Retreat experience at home, without the need to travel afar. We do everything we can to not only make detoxing as easy as possible for you, but also provide you with the knowledge and motivation to incorporate healthy choices into your everyday life.

      Also included are the colonic sessions, as well as natural supplements, herbal teas, a body brush, pre and post detox eating guides and more.

      Revive & Refresh

      3 Day Juice Program and 2 colonics – $419

      A perfect introduction to detoxing, this program offers a gentle cleanse to the system. Also suitable for clients with busy schedules or for those seeking noticeable results in minimal time. In just 3 days you will give your digestive system a rest, fuel your body with super nutrients and drop a few excess kilos.

      Relax &   Renew

      5 Day Juice Program and 3 colonics – $649

      This program takes cleansing to the next level. Over 5 days, your body is allowed sufficient time to commence healing whilst receiving a welcome boost to your immune system. You can expect a flatter stomach, increased energy levels and a glowing complexion.

      Rejuvenate & Rebalance

      7 Day Juice Program and 5 colonics – $949

      For clients ready for dramatic results, the 7 day program can achieve profound improvements to the health of both mind and body. In addition to the visibly noticeable changes, other benefits include increased mental clarity, improved digestion and bowel health, better sleep patterns and the motivation to continue this healthy lifestyle post-detox.

      Interested in a Juice Detox? Send us a message...

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