7 Tips to Boost Your Immune System

7 Tips to Boost Your Immune System

It’s Immune System month at Exhale.   If you have been following the Exhale social media posts you may have already seen some of our tips on how to prepare our immune systems for the colds and flus that visit us in the Autumn and Winter months. I’ve...

I Give a Crap – Part 2!

Hi, I’m back to introduce Samantha Petti once more. In this part of “I Give a Crap” Sam talks about her experience with colonics, and well isn’t that why we are all here? The poop talk is becoming more and more mainstream and accepted over...
I Give a Crap – Part 1!

I Give a Crap – Part 1!

I have awesome clients, who I absolutely give a crap about! I learn just as much from you as you do from me (hopefully ;)). Whether it’s my clients at Exhale or my yoga students, you allow me to come into your lives on a very personal level, and I thank you for...

The Gut Hormone Connection

If you read my previous blog post, The Teamwork Approach to Health, then it’s no surprise to you that at Exhale, we work closely with other therapists and refer often. Over the last several months some of my favourite Naturopaths in the area have referred their...
The Teamwork Approach to Health

The Teamwork Approach to Health

Working together is better and more productive than working alone, ask any successful sports team, multi-million dollar company or perhaps just your family.  As a therapist here in Cronulla, helping people not only heal their gut but understand their bodies, a team...

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