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Exhale’s top picks for this year’s Christmas and Hanukkah gift giving


It’s once again that time of year that we are heading to the shops ready to burn a hole in our pockets buying things for our nearest and dearest. Every year I like to give you a few ideas for Christmas Gifts that are thoughtful, ethical, that support local business and will make you feel better about spending your hard earned dollars on them.

Here are some of our favourite things and places:

  • doTERRA Essential Oils perfect for anyone really, whether it be a new mum, overworked partner or challenging toddler. Here are just a few suggestions.
    • Holiday Blend – if you love the smell of Christmas this blend is delicious
    • Lavendar Peace – beautiful scent of lavender, vanilla and a few other essential oils to create a sense of peace and calm – perfect for new mums to help baby get to sleep
    • Balance – one of my favourite oils blends to keep us grounded in our hectic lives
  • Essential Oil Diffuser is important to use to maintain the quality of your oils, especially if buying the doTERRA brand as they have been so specially formulated you want to keep all the healing molecules in tact. We welcome you to stop by the clinic and pick up both your oils and diffuser.
  • Ovvio Organic Tea crafted by Sydney Naturopath Anthia Koullouros, “Ovvio tea is lovingly created through the knowledge, passion and experience of renowned naturopath and herbalist Anthia Koullouros. Each cup contains only the finest flowers, fruits, seeds and leaves blended with love and respect for humankind, flora and fauna. Every sip offers a pure and delicious remedy for health and happiness.” Exhale recommends:
    • Happy Bowels of course!
    • Vanilla Lemon Heaven – perfect for those with a sweet tooth as an after dinner sip to keep you away from the chocolate!
    • C Strength Citrus – a beautiful tea that you can turn into iced tea and sip near the pool this summer!
  • The perfect stool for the perfect stool 🙂 We are excited to be able to offer you two different toilet foot rests at Exhale. If you haven’t heard all the rage yet about propping up your feet while sitting on the loo then you might want to check out this read. We have two that we love here at Exhale:
    • Squatty Potty – available in clinic for $65
    • The Proppr – can purchase directly from them and use the code “exhaleprops” at check out to receive a discount!
  • Local and other ethical companies that we love:

Those are just a few of our favourite things (insert Julie Andrews voice here). Whatever you choose to do this year we wish the happiest, healthiest and merry-est Christmas, Hanukkah and New Year!


Be Well!







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