Lets talk about sex baby,

let’s talk about you and me….let’s talk sex and tummy issues and we’re not talking about, ehem, rear entrance 😉 we’re talking about bacteria.

We know what you’re thinking – you’ve come to a colonic clinic website and they’re talking about sex and bacteria – WTF right? Well we couldn’t help but bring this up again (first noted July 2017 on our Instagram feed) because more and more women are coming into the clinic recently with chronic Thrush, UTI and Bladder infection issues.

What prompted this post last year was a close male friend of Zhenya’s called and asked if men can have yeast issues. As we all know this is something females know about and sometimes have issues with. But the boys, oh boys, you too can have yeast/candida/ bacteria issues. Your tummies may rumble, you may pass a lot wind, have bad breath and worst of all for the ladies is that during sex you can pass this yeast issue onto your lady friend. Resulting in, well we won’t get into it here but it goes beyond just gut issues and you may not be getting as much sex as you may like for a few days. Know what I mean??

So what’s the deal?

Well basically bacteria lives all over the body, inside and out, between organs, muscle tissue, throughout the digestive tract and throughout the reproductive system. When we have sex and exchange bodily fluids we pass bacteria to one another. Now whilst we might really like the partner we are with and enjoy being with them, our bacteria may not like each so much and don’t play well together. So not fair, right?! This results in chronic UTIs, bladder infections and thrush/candida.
As a female we’re the ones who have to deal with the consequences, possibly take antibiotics or other over the counter treatments over and over. And that’s not fun or fair!

So what can you do about encouraging good bacteria to flourish and keep the bacteria behaving properly?

First lets look at your diet, eat foods that are less yeast forming, drink less beer, throw some good bacteria foods onto your plate like sauerkraut, kimchee, kefir, kombucha, etc, get onto the RIGHT probiotic (the favourite at Exhale to help with this is, SB floractiv by BioCeuticals). We’re finding this issues comes up more frequently when the partner has an uncircumcised penis, bacteria can grow under the foreskin. So be sure to clean that area well especially if your man plays a lot of sports or sweats alot. And of course consider a colonic or two to help clear out the bad bacteria and rebalance the good bacteria for both partners!

Ladies if you are sexually active and not using condoms (which we do encourage using if not in a committed relationship) and are having issues as above, you may want to share this post with your man 😉

Give us a call or book in to see us if you are in need of some help with this issue.

Be Well!

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