Some of you may have noticed that we are clearly on the other side of all the Christmas festivities and New Year’s Shenanigans. You may have celebrated with way too much food, drinks, and partying. The words ‘detox’ and ‘cleanse’ are now popping into your mind as you create your New Year’s Resolution to be the best version of yourself in 2018! Sounds good doesn’t it? Question is, do you have a plan?

The biggest thing we notice at the start of the year is a commitment to our health. We set intentions to eat better, exercise more, drink less alcohol, do more yoga, meditate, the list goes on and on. Trust us, we LOVE those intentions and will be here to support you throughout the entire year! But, yes, there’s a BUT here – intentions and resolutions generally fall by the wayside before the end of January 🙁 It’s a sad fact.

So, how do you keep your intentions throughout the year?

We have a few ideas…


1. Set Goals

Set a goal. If losing weight is one of them, great! Now set a goal of how much you want to lose and by when, put it in your calendar and set reminders. When looking to lose weight the recommendation is 500g/week, that’s doable! So don’t kill yourself trying to lose 5kg in a week! And don’t get on the scales every day. It’s like a deliberate act of self sabotage. Instead, try noticing how you feel in your skin and in your clothes. Maybe try on those favourite jeans that you haven’t worn in years and start to notice how they are starting to feel…not so tight 😉

If weight loss isn’t your goal, that’s great too – you may have a goal to simply eat more wholefoods or cut out sugar. maybe you want to shave some time off your last 1/2 marathon or want to finally get your feet above your head in a yoga class or hold plank pose for 5 minutes – all of these are great goals AND they all need a plan!

2. Make a plan!

Seems obvious right, but most of us just say what we want to do – like “get fit.” Ok, well how are you going to Get Fit? So, make a plan like; I’ll go for a walk on certain days, start jogging with the dog 3 times a week, yoga on other days, maybe join a team, like soccer or touch footy. Then most importantly put these in your diary your iCAl or whatever you use – as an appointment! Don’t cancel these appointments and schedule other things around them.

Research from Harvard Business School shows that when we make decisions for our future selves, we make better decisions.

So, the night before, plan out as many decisions as you can.

This will reduce your decision fatigue the next day–and take advantage of our thoughtful planning for our future selves.

For example, plan your outfit, a healthy breakfast, what time you will hit the grocery store and what you will buy, and what you will do if dreaming of your couch begin to creep in.

After all, “A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

3. Get a buddy!

Having an accountability buddy in our opinion is the most crucial element to keeping your intentions. No one reeeaaallllyyyy wants to get up at 5am and go for a run but if you know your bestie is there waiting for you, it’s going to motivate you to get out of bed and meet them. Cause if you don’t, you’ll feel like shit for ditching them and you’ll feel like shit for missing your run. Moral here is – no one wants to feel like shit!!

4. Prep

Prep and Plan go hand in hand. If you want to make it to a 7pm class but need to feed the kiddies, then prep dinners for the week, go grocery shopping with not just a list of what your missing in the fridge, but what you need for specific meals. Cook those ahead of time, freeze them if you have to and that will help you get dinner on the table and some “me time” as well. Same goes for breakfast – we’re big fans of having smoothie packs ready to go in the freezer, soak oats over night, frittatas made the day before, the list goes on.

Also, be sure to prep whatever gear you’ll need. If it’s after work exercise, be sure to have your workout gear packed and at the door ready to take with you so you can head straight to the yoga studio, gym, park or wherever your exercising without having to stop at home.


If your plans don’t have to do with fitness or health, maybe it’s career change or a course you want to take or a holiday you want to go on – The same 4 steps apply; Goal, Plan, Buddy and Prep! 


We’d love to help you achieve your goals this year, so reach out and let us know how we can help!


Be Well!